Our mission

The Future Insights Network exists to provide our members with the tools they need to solve their burning questions in a fast-paced and ever-changing business environment.

Senior leaders are facing significant complexity and change. They are looking to manage the present while preparing for a fast-approaching future.

Our network of senior practitioners need answers to very real problems – both strategic and tactical.

Being part of the Future Insights Network offers them practical and actionable insights via our Live Events, Collaborative community, Virtual Workshops and Digital Content.

The network also gives them access to valuable peer-to-peer collaboration on the projects and issues that are critical to future-proofing their businesses.

Driven by Insights

We take a great deal of care in understanding the needs of our members, their job functions, challenges and what keeps them up at night. These burning questions drive all of our activity. These questions and the search for practical answers can be seen throughout our events, blogs, meetings, podcasts and digital content. It’s in everything we do.

Our members collaborate, connect, learn and share all year via…

Live events


Virtual Workshops

Insights & content


Our members include many of the world’s leading brands and manufacturing companies...

We work with Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Digital Transformation leaders with significant levels of seniority and budgetary responsibility. They use the FIN network to learn from peers in similar sectors and gain new insights from others in new areas, geographies and sectors. Our cross-collaborative approach allows our members to gain valuable insight from each other.