The FIN Community exists to advance the practice of Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Digital Transformation

Create your own future

Our Vision is to Shape the Future of these practices by accelerating learning and collaboration for the greater good of our members and society in general.  

Execute effectively at speed

Our promise is to help you do your job better and execute more quickly by learning from the mistakes and successes other senior practitioners have made.

Collaborate to win

Join online groups to share ideas and lessons learnt. Connect with members pre- and post-workshop to continue conversations and accelerate your plans to gain competitive advantage.  

Actionable Advice

Leverage the power of the community. Post questions to other members, share your current challenges and get best practice and actionable advice directly from fellow FIN practitioners and our Leadership Advisory Board.

Content & Research

Get insights from our own original interviews, white papers and case studies, and harness the collective brain-power of the community to give you a new perspective and practical steps to move forward.

Strictly Practitioner only

We’ve developed a closed-community of senior Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Digital Transformation practitioners. This private network allows you to engage in open and frank dialogue, benchmarking with peers in the knowledge that it is free from sales solicitation. 

Anytime on any device

Enjoy the same experience from any device. Access your conversations, virtual workshops, and community from any device.