Ideas and issues shaping 21st Century leadership

From strategy to execution, our virtual workshop topic framework provides answers and expertise in the key areas that are driving change for Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Digital Transformation leaders. Key topics for our 2018-19 series include…

FIN topic framework.png

Global Megatrends

  • Financial & Economic pressure

  • Sustainability and risk

  • Rise of Digital consumer

  • Shortening Product Lifecycles

  • Speed of technological change and adoption

  • Change in the value of skillsets


  • Innovation (products and business models)

  • Servitization

  • Execution and formulation

  • Cultural and corporate transformation

  • Value Chain segmentation


  • IBP and S&OP

  • Logistics and Transportation

  • Risk assessment

  • Supplier & complexity management


  • Profitability and cost control

  • Metrics, scorecards and benchmarking

  • OPEX

  • End-to-end Supply Chain Visibility


  • Robotics & Industry 4.0 / IoT

  • AI and Machine Learning Algorithms

  • Big data analytics

  • On-demand Manufacturing  / Additive



  • Talent acquisition and retention

  • Alignment and engagement

  • Managing Transformation

  • Building high performing teams