Join our MILEU19 Thought Leaders


“Manufacturing Insights Live Europe ‘19 is radically different to any other event you have ever attended. Unlike most events with back-to-back power-point, over 75% of the sessions at MILEU19 are private, practitioner led, collaborative and interactive.” - Maria Villablanca, CEO Future Insights Network


Deep Dive Roundtables

Choose from 30 private, practitioner led conversations around the topics of your choice. Use this opportunity to share experiences , learn from peers and build an action plan to take back to your organisation.

Valuable opportunity for round table discussion with a great mix of people attending and real experts presenting, who are also industry practitioners.” - COO, Best Dressed Group

Peer-to-peer Meetings

By using our online community to find other members who can help you to solve your business challenges, each meeting is organised by you using our meeting software.

“Unusually among conferences the event provided ample time to get beneath the skin of topics and to talk openly with individuals about the challenges they face, and to learn from each other.” - Group Supply Chain Director, Specsavers


The Exclusive Franka Emika Tour

Every attendee has the opportunity to join a tour to the Franka Emika factory, giving you the chance to interact with their newest functional robot The Panda. 

Learn how simple it is to programme a robot and adapt its functions to aid in your manufacturing operations. 

The Panda has enhanced dexterity and functionality allowing you to utilise it in a whole range of labour intensive functions and make the move towards a lights off factory achieving 24/7 productivity. 

The hands on experience with Franka Emika experts will give you the head start to begin implementing robotics solutions in your factories today.


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