The value of taking part

FIN: Podcasts are about the people and ideas shaping the future of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and global industry.

They’re a series of video podcasts featuring leaders, icons, innovators and thinkers from big brands and outstanding organizations. We cover a wealth of topics including emerging technology, digital transformation, leadership and the future of Industry 4.0.

Members of Future Insights Network are people you’ll want to connect with, typically VPs of Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Digital Transformation, and the high visibility the podcast gives you generates valuable levels of interaction and connection...

If you’re a business leader… it highlights your visionary status and commitment to driving forward new ideas.

If you’re a regular speaker… it’s a highly effective way to showcase your personal brand and expertise.

If you’re in the job market… it highlights your experience, expertise and ideas to potential employers.

If you’re an author… it’s a vibrant, concise way to present the ideas in your new work, and reach a new market.

What do we need from you?

Just a small amount of time, plus your ideas and energy.

We record FIN: Podcasts every week, so there’s always an opportunity to get involved. We’ll send you a range of time options, set up the video call, and supply some stimulating questions to get your ideas flowing.

The recordings take a maximum of 45 minutes, via webcam, so you can take part from your home or office with minimal fuss.