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Shay Scott: Aligning Talent Management with Supply Chain strategies

Shay Scott, Executive Director, Global Supply Chain Institute, University of Tennessee

Shay Scott, PhD is the Executive Director of the Global Supply Chain Institute and serves on the faculty of the Department at the University of Tennessee.

Supply chains succeed or fail based upon their talent. The best strategy will melt in the hands of an incapable or unwilling organization. Yet, many supply chain organizations take an improvised approach to talent development and retention. Organizations are hesitant to invest in development or retention and often employ one-size-fits-all plans that work for no one. This session will dispel common myths that persist about talent development and offer a strategy for how to systematically approach human capital as the core enabler of supply chain management that it is. While much of this discussion is generalizable to any organization, the evolution of integrated supply chain management and its progression into a digitalized era make talent THE critical challenge for supply chain leaders. Talent development is usually caged by rules and norms that will atrophy an organization

•   Start with the big picture. All too often, myopic perspective reigns in supply chain talent development and retention

•   Are you ready for the challenge? Supply chains present a particularly complex and developing setting in which to manage human capital

•   You can do it. As supply chain leaders we have a fantastic foundation for how to build a capable and motivated organization